Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

The benefits of undertaking corrective wheel alignment. These fall in to four main categories as follows:-

In Holland A Tri-Axle Trailer With Rigid Axles Was Tested

In the first test with the axles corrected aligned the tractive unit consumed 30 litres of fuel per 100kms

In the second test the axles were adjusted parallel to each other but out of square 10mm /m. The fuel consumption increased to 31.3 litre per 100km, i.e. an increase of 4.3%. The trailer would crab and be difficult to manoeuvre

In the third test the axles were adjusted to be opposed to each other by 10mm/m. The fuel consumption increased remarkably to 35.6 litre per 100 km. A dramatic increase of 18.7% without the trailer crabbing.

Our own Government funded test was carried out with a tandem axle trailer at The Road Research Laboratory, Crowthorne, Berkshire back in 1981. The official results being that 1 degree of misalignment between the axles incurred a 3% increase in fuel consumption whilst 2 degrees incurred a massive 8%, these results are set in stone. All conservation test since have conclusively proven that correct wheel alignment is essential for a variety of reasons.


In conclusion, with correct wheel alignment you will attain lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, longer tyre life and safer more stable vehicles. In so doing, you will reduce costs.

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