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Below is some information regarding our King Pin Services.

In 1997 we enhanced the service to our customers by opening a static wheel alignment workshop near Rugby, Warwickshire. This facility, in addition to Laser wheel alignment, provides more diverse procedures such as on vehicle balancing, and the use of induction heating which enables us to alter camber angles and straighten or re-align axles whilst in situ.

It was through the induction heating facility that BPW became aware of our services and a close working relationship was formed with particular regard to the replacement of kingpins on their steering axles.

On the BPW axle the kingpin is a shrink fit into the axle beam and it was proven that the use of controlled induction heating to the axle beam in the area of the kingpin produced rapid local expansion which would enable removal and installation of the pin itself. This whole process is carried out with the axle removed from the vehicle to facilitate access for the correct press tools.

Previous methods of heating the axle beam, such as propane, were not particularly successful due to the fact that by the time the axle beam was at the correct temperature, heat had transferred through to the kingpin negating the heat differential effect. Over the years we have seen the disastrous results of trying to remove kingpins with either too much or too little heat.

In addition most hydraulic presses have only a short stroke on the ram, making extraction and installation slow adding to the build-up of heat through to the king pin. The induction heater we use concentrates the heat to a small precise area on the axle beam instantly, with very little transfer to the kingpin. Coupled with this we have invested in a purpose designed powered hydraulic press from Denmark that will extract or install the king pin or bushes in one stroke. Over the years we have built up extensive tooling to exacting standards so that we can now cater for most makes of trailer steer axles.


Because steer axles are usually fitted to specialised trailers, powder tankers, low loaders etc, it’s imperative to minimise down time. To this end we offer a collection and delivery service so that once the axle has been removed by the customer, we can return it within 24 hours nationwide. We include all the relevant replacement parts and the axle is re-greased and re aligned ready for installation. This package means we have not only expanded our service to our existing wheel alignment customers but have built up an extensive new customer base from as far afield as Scotland down to Cornwall


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