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A new tyre having 14mm of tread (13 of which is useable) at a cost of £250.00 wears evenly to a depth of 1mm having travelled a total distance of 200,000 kms. This would mean that each millimetre consumed will have travelled 15,000 kms (approximately) at a cost of £19.00 per mm and is now ready to be prepared for its second life where applicable

This tyre has been forced to run incorrectly aligned from new and the tyre has destroyed itself at a very alarming rate. One side has 8mm remaining whilst the other has scrubbed away to 1mm. This tyre has covered only half the distance of the tyre meaning each millimetre of tread has covered 100,000Km at a cost of £38.00 per millimetre. The vehicle would also have felt very unstable to drive because of the tyre shape.

Rigid vehicles and tractive units that have rear drive axles not square in the chassis will force the vehicle to go in a circle. The driver will counteract this condition and as a result wear the steer tyres. Should trailer axles be out of square the vehicle can be a danger as it takes up more road width than is permitted whilst consuming extra fuel and tyres


We at LASALIGN have proven that by asking our customers a few questions about some of the circumstances the vehicles will be used in can arrive at a wheel alignment setting to suit their vehicle operation, thus achieving optimum tyre performance. NB. The figures are rounded off for ease of calculation and should not be used as a guide for tyre costings. To drive a heavy goods vehicle with wheels and axles which are not properly aligned will result in an increased wear of the tyres. The rolling resistance becomes greater than the normal and with that the fuel consumption increases. Furthermore, if the rolling resistance is high the link joints, the bushings and the springs will wear out prematurely. The driver, who is forced to steer against all the time, will be subjected to an uncomfortable driving position which could lead to aches and pains in neck and shoulders.

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